The Bakery Shop


Moving is never fun, and moving a bakery is even less fun. This is the main reason that made me look for a mobile set up. I needed a structure with a roof, isolated from heat and cold, wired and road ready. An enclosed trailer with a little tinkering could work, so in 2016 I found a retired trailer, removed the floor and inner panels and realized that it would have been easier to build it new from scratch... But since craigslist does not accept returns, we started fixing what was available.

In about six months with the help of my family and friends I repaired the frame, installed a window on the left side, removed a small door on the right side, insulated the walls from both the inside and outside, added a roof and wooden siding, and wired this trailer. The window trim and the roof facia follow traditional ornamentation common in Russian villages. The main entry door was moved a few feet inside to create a small porch. In winter the shop is heated with a wood stove and in summer it is cooled with a split AC system. Our mobile shop is about 5,000 lbs, and can be pulled with most trucks or SUVs.