Quark Tea Cake

If our cakes were rated on a 10 point scale for tenderness, refinement and subtlety, this Quark Tea Cake would definitely get 11 if not more. This cake is a true manifestation of completeness with an amazingly balanced taste. The distinctive flavor of this cake comes from quark (pronounced [kvah-rk]), a fresh dairy product, common in many European cuisines. It is produced from fresh soured milk that is coagulated into fresh curd and strained. Popular in Europe, this healthy and tasty product is still rare in the US. Even the word quark is relatively unknown, usually being substituted with curd cheese, cottage cheese or farmer cheese. Today there are only a few dairies in America that manufacture quark, among which Vermont Creamery and Lifeway Foods are the leaders. Quark is also available at several New England farms, such as Brookford Farm in Canterbury, NH.