Russian Medium Rye

Known in Russia as Darnitskiy (Дарницкий, click to listen), this bread was developed at the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Bread factory No. 11 in 1933, and quickly became one of the most popular Russian rye breads. Its flour bill includes about 60% of rye flour and 40% of wheat flour. Our Russian Medium Rye closely follows the original recipe with a two-stage starter. Instead of yeast we use a natural sourdough starter to unleash the wonderful flavors of a traditional rye loaf. It takes two full days to make this bread, and it stays fresh for a week. Russian Medium Rye is an extremely flexible bread; it's great by itself, toasted or not, it is delicious with a slice of cheese or smoked meat, you can rub it with garlic or even sprinkle with sugar!